Sunday, November 28, 2010

Broadview Security

I feel that it is fair to say that most people have seen the Brinks Home Security commercial. Most of us, including myself, don’t recognize some of the small details in their commercial that seem a little unrealistic. Saturday Night Live hit the nail on the head with this commercial spoof, and I also have a few issues with the Brinks commercial. In the Brinks commercial, the burglar is not armed and is easily scared by the noise that the alarm makes. In real life, the burglar would be a little more creative at that point, being how far into the robbery he is. Saturday Night Live highlights the fact that the woman is alone in an enormous house and is always under the threat of home invasion. They use break-ins by her grandfather, rabbi, and two small boys dressed as a man to emphasize how unrealistic the Brinks commercial is. I loved that part because it is obviously not true and completely blown out of proportion. That is, in essence, what makes Saturday Night Live a great television show. By taking something that seems normal, and pointing out its flaws in a laugh-till-you-cry manner that not many shows can do.

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